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Version: 2.6.0 (latest)

Update Guide to Version 2

This guide will take you step by step through the upgrade to version 2. If something is missing or incorrect, feel free to submit an issue or a PR on Github.

Node versionsTS min version
10.x, 12.x, 14.x4.0

For all#

Upgrade your versions of TypeScript and Node.JS if necessary.

New CLI commands

New configuration system

Application creation

By topic#

Validation hooks

Authentication with sessions (session tokens) and CSRF protection


Service and application initialization

File upload and download

JWT hooks and CSRF protection

Support of MongoDB

Error-handling and hook post functions

Template engine

Custom Express instance

Common issue#

If you get unexpected errors when building the application, please check the following points:

  • You have updated all your @foal/x packages.
  • You have updated your typescript dependency to version 4.

Rare cases#

  • The following objects and functions have been removed: ObjectDoesNotExist, isObjectDoesNotExist, PermissionDenied, isPermissionDenied, ValidationError, isValidationError, validate.
  • The legacy option has been removed from hashPassword and verifyPassword. If you used it, please submit an issue.
  • The command foal g sub-app has been removed.
  • The functions createService and createController do not accept a ServiceManager as second argument.
  • The @Hook decorator only accepts one function.
  • The type ExpressApplication = any has been removed.
  • The property req.foal.ctx does not exist anymore in post middlewares.