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Version: 2.10.2 (terbaru)

MongoDB (noSQL)

Creating a new project

To generate a new project that uses MongoDB, run the command createapp with the flag --mongodb.

foal createapp my-app --mongodb


npm install mongodb
type: mongodb
url: mongodb://localhost:27017/test-foo-bar

Defining Entities and Columns

More documentation here:

The definition of entities and columns is the same as in relational databases, except that the ID type must be an ObjectID and the column decorator must be @ObjectIdColumn.

import { Entity, ObjectID, ObjectIdColumn, Column } from 'typeorm';

export class User {

id: ObjectID;

firstName: string;

lastName: string;



import { getMongoRepository } from 'typeorm';

const user = await getMongoRepository(User).findOne('xxxx');


The fetchMongoDBUser function


import { Entity, ObjectID, ObjectIdColumn } from 'typeorm';

export class User {

id: ObjectID;


Example with JSON Web Tokens:

import { JWTRequired } from '@foal/jwt';
import { fetchMongoDBUser } from '@foal/typeorm';

import { User } from '../entities';

@JWTRequired({ user: fetchMongoDBUser(User) })
class MyController {}

The MongoDBStore

npm install @foal/mongodb

If you use sessions with @UseSessions, you must use the MongoDBStore from @foal/mongodb. The TypeORMStore does not work with noSQL databases.


When using MongoDB, there are some features that are not available:

  • the foal g rest-api <name> command,
  • and the Groups & Permissions system.