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Version 4.0 release notes

· 2 min read
Loïc Poullain


Version 4.0 of Foal is out!


The goals of this major release are to

  • support the latest active versions of Node (18 and 20) and update all internal dependencies to their latest major versions
  • facilitate framework maintenance.

Full details can be found here.

Migration guide

  • Run npx foal upgrade.
  • Version 16 of Node is not supported anymore. Upgrade to version 18 or version 20.
  • Support of MariaDB has been dropped.
  • If you use any of these dependencies, upgrade typeorm to v0.3.17, graphql to v16, type-graphql to v2, class-validator to v0.14, mongodb to v5 and to v8.
  • If you use both TypeORM and MongoDBStore, there is no need anymore to maintain two versions of mongodb. You can use version 5 of mongodb dependency.
  • If you use @foal/ with redis, install
  • Support for better-sqlite driver has been dropped. Use the sqlite3 driver instead. In DB configuration, use type: 'sqlite' instead of type: 'better-sqlite3'.
  • In your project dependencies, upgrade @types/node to v18.11.9.
  • If you use TypeORM with MongoDB, for the entities definitions, rename import { ObjectID } from 'typeorm'; to import { ObjectId } from 'typeorm';