Create enterprise-grade Node.JS applications.

FoalTS is a next-generation framework that helps you create server-side Node.js applications. Its development tools, modular components and TypeScript support make it the ideal choice for building modern applications.

Get started


FoalTS provides an advanced configuration system to smoothly switch between your environments. How you specify the configuration may change between deploys (env variables, json files, etc). But your codebase stays the same.


TypeScript brings you optional static type-checking along with the latest ECMAScript features. Writing FoalTS with TypeScript has been and will always be fundamental. Code is more elegant and concise. Most of the silly mistakes are caught at compilation. And autocompletion is well-handled and the API is better documented.

Dev tools

Every project needs dev tools. But setting up and maintaining such an environment in Node.Js is often hard or time consuming. FoalTS focuses on helping the developer to code. Generators, watchers, the compiler, linter, bundler and test framework are all provided in FoalTS. No more set up, get started right away.

Basic components

Some patterns always come back while developing a web app. Set up a REST API, talk to the database or manage authentication shouldn't be a hard task. FoalTS lets you focus on the business logic, not on re-inventing the wheel.


FoalTS provides a robust architecture for creating large web apps. Divided into controllers, services and hooks, your code is well organized. FoalTS enforces the separation of concerns, improves testability and makes your code more readable.


Security is everyone's business. To help you ship secure apps FoalTS provides some common tools (csrf, xss protections) to take care of it. Moreover all default configurations are set to prevent security failures (cookies, headers, etc).

You want to request a new feature?

Check out this page. If a feature request already exists then add a thumb up. If not create a new issue.