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FoalTS is a high-level Node.JS framework to quickly build web apps in TypeScript. By providing a robust architecture with many packages and tools, FoalTS is designed to let you fastly bootstrap and develop ambitious backend projects.

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FoalTS is natively written in TypeScript and is designed to be used with TypeScript. Enjoy now optional static type-checking and the latest ECMAScript features.


FoalTS provides a structure made up of hooks, services, modules and controllers to let you easily handle a growing app with its complexity.

Many packages

Don't reinvent the wheel! FoalTS has an incredible number of features such as setting up a REST API, creating a CRUD service, escaping bad input, controlling access and more!

Great tools

FoalTS provides many tools to quickly bootstrap a project and speed up development (compiler config, linting, code generation, etc).


FoalTS philosophy complety integrates modern asynchronous programming using promises and async/await functions. Say goodbye to the hell of JS callbacks!


FoalTS components are designed to easily be tested (dependency injection, async functions, separation of concern).