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Version: 1.x

Generate Tokens

In many situations, we need to generate tokens and then verify them (for example in the flow of a password reset). This document shows how to do so with FoalTS.

Unsigned Tokens (simple case)#

The generateToken function generates a cryptographically secure random token encoded in base64url (128 bits)

import { generateToken } from '@foal/core';
const token = await generateToken();

Signed Tokens#

You can also generate a token using a secret. The secret is used to sign the token to provide extra security. It must be encoded in base64. You can generate one with the following command:

foal createsecret

Generate a signed token

import { generateSignedToken } from '@foal/core';
const token = await generateSignedToken(secret);

Verify and read a signed token

import { verifySignedToken } from '@foal/core';
const signedTokenToVerify = 'xxx.yyy';const result = await verifySignedToken(signedTokenToVerify, secret);if (result === false) {  console.log('incorrect signature');} else {  console.log('The token is ', result);}