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Version: 2.5.0 (terbaru)


This tutorial shows how to build a real-world application with React and Foal. It assumes that you have already read the first guide How to build a Simple To-Do List and that you have a basic knowledge of React.

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  • establish a connection with MySQL or Postgres,
  • provide credentials to the application in a secure way,
  • create models with many-to-one relations,
  • use a query builder,
  • generate an interface to test your API (Swagger UI),
  • fix same-origin policy errors,
  • allow users to log in and register with an email and a password,
  • authenticate users on the frontend and the backend,
  • manage access control,
  • protect against CSRF attacks,
  • upload and save files,
  • allow users to connect with a social provider (Google),
  • and build the application for production.

For the sake of simplicity, the front-end application will not use a state management library (such as redux). But you can of course add one if you wish. The logic to follow will remain mainly the same.

Application Overview#

The application you will create is a social website where users can share interesting links to tutorials. All posts will be public, so no authentication will be required to view them. Publishing a post, on the other hand, will require the creation of an account.

Feed page Feed page

Profile page Profile page

Registration and login pages Registration and login pages

Get Started#

Let's get started. First of all, create a new directory.

mkdir foal-react-tuto

Generate the backend application.

cd foal-react-tutofoal createapp backend-app

Then start the development server.

cd backend-appnpm run develop

Go to http://localhost:3001 in your browser. You should see the Welcome on board message.