Version 2.1 release notes

Loïc Poullain

Loïc Poullain

Fullstack developper and creator of FoalTS


Version 2.1 has been released! Here are the improvements that it brings.

New Error Page Design#

When an error is thrown or rejected in development, the server returns an error page with some debugging details. The UI of this page has been improved and it now provides more information.

Error page

New Welcome Page#

When creating a new project, the generated welcome page is also different.

Welcome page

CLI exits with code 1 when a command fails#

This small improvement is useful when we want to stop a CI pipeline when one of its commands fails.

New @All decorator#

This decorator handles all requests regardless of the HTTP verb (GET, POST, etc.).

It can be used for example to create a not found handler.

import { All, HttpResponseNotFound } from '@foal/core';
class AppController {
subControllers = [ ViewController ];
notFound() {
return new HttpResponseNotFound('The route you are looking for does not exist.');

New CSRF option in @UseSessions and @JWT#

This option allows you to override the behavior of the configuration specified globally with the key settings.session.csrf.enabled or the key settings.jwt.csrf.enabled.

It can be useful for example to disable the CSRF protection on a specific route.

import { HttpResponseOK, Post, UseSessions } from '@foal/core';
export class ApiController {
@UseSessions({ cookie: true })
foo() {
// This method has the CSRF protection enabled.
return new HttpResponseOK();
@UseSessions({ cookie: true, csrf: false })
bar() {
// This method does not have the CSRF protection enabled.
return new HttpResponseOK();

Support of better-sqlite3#

When using Foal with SQLite, you now have the choice between two drivers: sqlite3 and better-sqlite3. The package better-sqlite3 is used by default in new projects starting from this version on.

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