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Version 2.10 release notes

· One min read
Loïc Poullain


Version 2.10 of Foal is out! This small release brings some tiny improvements.

@foal/cli package included by default as dev dependency

Issue: #1097

The @foal/cli package is now installed by default as dev dependency. In this way, all commands of package.json still work when deploying the application to a Cloud provider that does not have the CLI installed globally.

Contributor: @scho-to

Preventing the npm run develop command to get stuck on some OS

Issues: #1022, #1115

The npm run develop was getting stuck on some OS based on the configuration of the app. This issue is now fixed in new projects. For current applications, you will need to add a -r flag to the package.json commands using concurrently.

Smaller main function

The main function that bootstraps the application is now smaller in new projects.