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Version 4.3 release notes

· 2 min read
Loïc Poullain


Version 4.3 of Foal is out!

Better CLI ouput when script arguments are invalid

Previously, when executing foal run my-script with invalid arguments, the CLI would only display one error at a time.

For example, with the following schema and arguments, we would only get this error message:

export const schema = {
type: 'object',
properties: {
email: { type: 'string', format: 'email', maxLength: 2 },
password: { type: 'string' },
n: { type: 'number', maximum: 10 }
required: ['password']
foal run my-script email=bar n=11
Error: The command line arguments must match format "email".

From version 4.3 onwards, the CLI logs all validation errors and with a more meaningful description.

Script error: arguments must have required property 'password'.
Script error: the value of "email" must NOT have more than 2 characters.
Script error: the value of "email" must match format "email".
Script error: the value of "n" must be <= 10.

[Fix] the logger no longer throws an error in development when the client request is interrupted

Using the logger's dev format, Foal would occasionally throw the error TypeError: Cannot read properties of null.

This would occur when the connection with the client was lost, which happens, for example, when the React client server hotly reloads.

This version fixes this error.