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Version: 1.x

Scheduling Jobs

You can schedule jobs using shell scripts and the node-schedule library.



export function main(args: any) {  // Do some stuff}


// 3pimport { scheduleJob } from 'node-schedule';import { main as fetchMetrics } from './fetch-metrics';
export async function main(args: any) {  console.log('Scheduling the job...');
  // Run the fetch-metrics script every day at 10:00 AM.  scheduleJob(    { hour: 10, minute: 0 },    () => fetchMetrics(args)  );
  console.log('Job scheduled!');}

Schedule the job(s):

npm run build:scriptsfoal run schedule-jobs arg1=value1

Background Jobs with pm2#

While the above command works, it does not run the scheduler and the jobs in the background. To do this, you can use pm2, a popular process manager for Node.js.

First you need to install locally the Foal CLI:

npm install @foal/cli

Then you can run the scheduler like this:

pm2 start ./node_modules/.bin/foal --name scheduler -- run schedule-jobs arg1=value1

If everything works fine, you should see your scheduler running with this command:

pm2 ls

To display the logs of the scheduler and the jobs, use this one:

pm2 logs scheduler

Eventually, to stop the scheduler and the jobs, you can use this command:

pm2 delete scheduler