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Version: 1.x


In this tutorial you will learn how to manage users, authentication and authorization in FoalTS. You will also have a quick overview of end-to-end testing.

For that, you are going to create a multi-user to-do list. It will extend the application created in the previous tutorial Simple To-Do List that you must follow before going through this one.

The source code of the first tutorial is available here.

The application will have three pages:

  • a sign up page where users can create a new account with an email and a password,
  • a login page that expects an email and a password to sign in,
  • and the todo-list page where the tasks are listed, created and deleted.

Each user will have her/his own todos and will not be able to view, create or delete other people's todos.

The pages look like this:

Sign up page Login page To-do list page

Let's get started!