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· One min read
Loïc Poullain

FoalTS 2022 survey is now open (yes, a few months late 🙃)!

Your responses to these questions are really valuable as they help me better understand what you need and how to improve the framework going forward 👌.

I read every response carefully so feel free to say anything you have to say!

👉 The link to the survey.

The survey closes on June 31.

· One min read
Loïc Poullain


This article presents the improvements to the session system in FoalTS version 2.

The new syntax can be used either with cookies or with the Authorization header. It adds the following new features:

  • query all sessions of a given user
  • query all connected users
  • force logout of a specific user
  • flash sessions
  • session ID regeneration
  • anonymous and authenticated sessions

FoalTS also simplifies stateful CSRF protection so that all it takes is one setting to enable it.